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Leaflet Diary: Prologue


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Sometime in Sep./Oct. 2015 I was working on a research effort that required building some web and print maps. Not a whole lot of GIS analysis but simply plotting some data on map for better representation. I had joined the project mid-way and the first editions of the maps were screen shots of Google MapsTM. Needless to say the were aesthetically hideous and not interactive. So I set about to find a better alternative to mapping and stumbled on leaflet for R by RStudio. This looked perfect for getting started. I had not much GIS know-how but it was well documented and so I started using it.

As I progressed I noticed that the original javascript library leaflet provided a lot of plugins but most of them were not available in the R package. So this was a challenge, and being a good open-source netizen I proceeded to adding support for some plugins in the R package. This resulted in two pull requests (PRs) on the leaflet repo PR-181 & PR-184, which I’m happy to say were accepted and merged into the master branch.

Fast forward 9 months, and I’m happy to announce that I am officially contracting with RStudio to add even more features to the leaflet package. I’ll be blogging about my coding adventures under ‘Leaflet Diary’ series on this blog post. In each subsequent blog post I’ll add my progress as well as thoughts on features/performance of the changes going in. You can track my changes at my fork of the package.

Series Posts

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  3. 2016-10-19 Chapter 3: Making Leaflet extensible
  4. 2016-11-02 Chapter 4: Towards Version 1.1
  5. 2017-02-17 Chapter 5, Leaflet 1.1 and Beyond